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Strategic Consulting 

From the root to the end of the strand, let’s PLAN your new growth business model for more value and Afro volume.


Like signature logos Afros are instantly recognizable, no two the same. Let’s design your distinctive graphic look and feel

Strategic Content Writing

Content written in your Afro TEXTures exposes leading thought patterns and a brand advantage that’s easy to follow.

Creative Initiatives

In an Afro world, you pick the narrative! Customize publishing, digital, podcasts and video catering to your peoples needs.

about afropreneurship

Universal Appeal


Iconic Style & Grace. Designing Afro Beauty ever since Dr. Willie Morrow carved, patented and mass-produced the first Afro comb on the North American continent in 1965.  We’ve been fashioning beauty and grooming innovations in every decade rooted in our affinity for the innate glamour of African peoples.

Introducing device and product technology across industries and disciplines. Most notably blow dryer nozzles, California Curl formulation, newspaper, radio station ownership (XHRM 92.5) and comprehensive publishing of barbering and cosmetology textbooks, including the foundational “400 Years Without A Comb.”

“Neche has designed upgraded methods and strategies for clearer paths that ignite the creative process for urbanprenuerial businesses.” Cheryl Morrow

With over sixty years of beauty business building and media publishing, Neche Media & Mrkt now specializes in assisting  today’s Indy Afro-gen by filling in gaps of knowledge and experience, providing research and resource-based solutions which guides them into good decision-making positions that helps to navigate an ever-evolving business landscape.


Recent Work

Giving us Some Love


” In our initial consultation, I was asked to broaden my thoughts. Evolving allowed my mindset to change and I gain new skills that will be beneficial to my business.  Neche challenged me to become better without asking me to comprise the essence of my brand.  They get who I am and what I stand for educated, Unapologetic, Black Women who is a mother entrepreneur. They are Phenomenal! “

Olivia Green

Owner, Olivia Green Skincare

“Since working with Neche making money and potential for it has increased.  They help polish my ideas and interrogate them to make sure they are workable.  Ms. Morrow and Ms. Best speak greatness into my future both encouraging me and challenging me.”

Roosevelt Williams, III

CEO, Sole Cobbler

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Let’s get to know each other.  Talk to each other occasionally, you know.  And build a sustainable business relationship.

Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm Pacific

5106 Federal Blvd. Ste. 207
San Diego, CA 92114

(619) 560-8720


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