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By Nechel Sheree

Be Do Love


Be Do Love is both a beginner’s handbook and quick re-thinking for the experienced in orienting the mind to balance. Quieting imagined chaos, these thought tools help the inside of you enjoy the outside of you.

About the Author

Nechel Sheree

lives in San Diego, California and is Co-Founder of Neche Media, where she enjoys developing creative ideas and media that affirms a satisfying business experience is “more personal, than professional”. The Be Do Love concept evolved from her process of developing various creative skill sets and learning how to enterpreneur. Specializing in online digital marketing and media production after a long career in healthcare, Ms. Sheree’ is a voiceover artist, audio/visual producer and designs websites. Everything was new in her outer world, and devotion to a new inner world now creates everything she wants.  
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Published Books

Happy Readers

“There comes a time when you question everything. Your thoughts and actions, your dreams. Nechel brings a sense inner organization to your everyday experiences. In this soft instructional self-help treasure, I found permission. Permission to enjoy the ride, bear witness to what is already good  and  love every minute of it.”

– Cheryl Morrow

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“When you combine the practice of Being with honoring your time spent knowing you’re more likely to grow business strategies, systems and relationships that are effective, efficient and productive; because you’ve developed the insight to see where bits and pieces fit into the whole of what you are Doing.” – Nechel Sheree

Coming Soon!

Available Apr 07, 2020

Listen Up


Feel the balance, as Nechel Sheree’s sensual voice makes Be Do Love even better.  Take this soothing meditation with you anywhere! Listen on the way to work, on breaks or unwind before bed to relax and easily make friends with your thoughts.
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