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In comemoration of the 1619 – 2019 400 hundred years African American history, particularly in  area code 1.619 Willie Morrow put San Diego on the map making it the home of the Afro Style and Afro Comb movement.

The Science of Afro Beauty

C. Morrow’s Afro Cosmetology is a broader perspective of the human hair that is most common on planet earth: Curly

Ethnic Hair Science

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400 Hundred Years Without A Comb

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400th Anniversary of African American history in North America

First published in 1972, Willie Morrow chronicles four centuries of afro hair care, beauty practices, and  extraordinary human life.  Get your copy today!
In commemoration of the 1619 – 2019 400 hundred years African American history, particularly in area code 1.619 Willie Morrow has been at the forefront of Black American progress. In 1965 he literally carved his name into history with the commercialization of one of Africa’s oldest art forms; African comb making,  Putting San Diego, California on the map making it the home of the Afro Style and Afro Comb movement.  

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Beauty professionals and enthusiasts buy and sell everywhere!  Multi-Local Commerce whether close to home and afar creates a sense of belonging for everyone.  You belong with us!

Texture advances Beauty

Healthy curly hair and scalp care designed with you in mind extends texture’s styling possibilities enhancing your natural beauty solutions. See for yourself!  

Counter Culture Quality

Developed with the highest quality ingredients, you can expect all natural, non-toxic formulations of rich smooth consistencies for balanced absorption.

The Future of Afro Beauty

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So, you’re ready for beauty supply that is personal and relevant to your afro needs? Look no further than 60 years of beauty manufacturing rooted in historical study and applied afro hair science.  Be the first to learn curly hair anatomy and textured hair loss care from new digital courses. Take advantage of the latest endocannabinoid system knowledge designed to make health a beauty priority. Exclusively at Neche MRKT, thought provoking, self-paced study that brings new prespective to cosmetic beauty standards. Advance your beauty expertise with Afro Cosmetology! Lead the way to the new normal, afro hair anatomy diagrams featuring ethnic hair growth. For a limited time, enjoy Pre-Sale introductory pricing on our Hair Growth I poster from the courses.
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New AIR professional blow comb from the maker of the bestselling Unbreakable Thermo blow dryer comb on Amazon. Aerodynamic motion design for smoother combing and styling.

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Beauty Exhibit for the Ages

Explore 400 years of self affirming African American beauty history. Get up close and personal with classic art and fascinating artifacts preserved by the Morrow Family. Learn the endearing stories of ancestral triumphs to the “Natural” progress of revolutionary glamour that continues to lead, influence and dominate universal beauty throughout the world.

Virtual Exhibit coming soon

For educational exhibit inquires, please contact Nechel Sheree (610) 432-2784


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