The New Natural Curly Hair Conversation: Afro Cosmetology

Introducing the Afro Future of Textured Beauty!

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Afro Cosmetology Creator | Beauty  Expert

Cheryl Morrow is the heir of the California Curl company; the daughter of world-famous Dr. Willie Morrow. The legacy brand is known for beauty tools like the blow dryer comb attachment The WLM Thermo nozzle. Still today, it leads in research in eco, bio, and safe beauty technology for the ethnic beauty industry

Since the dawn of time the artform of adornment, our hair, our bodies as well as our over-all health care; bringing together the body, mind, and spirit has been an obsession. African people no matter where they are in the world, will confront many questions as to why Afro-Curly hair is as it is, why it functions and looks the way it does? Why is it perceived as fragile, while also perceived as tough, dry and hard to deal with?

Afro-Cosmetology™ begins with the science of shapes, patterns, and numbers. Little loops, twist, and turns that are protein chains that create “S” shapes up and down the strand. The optical appearance of these coils are only mirroring what the strand looks like inside the strand, fascinating right?


Afro-Cosmetology™ is the answer to standardized cosmetology. It broadens the cosmetic perspective of the present cosmetology which deals with hair care from a straight hair center, avoiding all other textures.


When a standard is allowed to prevail, it blocks out every other possibility around it. Afro- Cosmetology™ widens this perspective, invites the nature and behavior of the “Mother texture as the epicenter of its entire theorem. Afro-cosmetology is not just philosophical in its approach, its principles are an all encompassed punchbowl of well thought out research and data that is based on genetic science.

This magical journey of Afro-curly hair information is highlighted with insightful diagrams, anatomy, and examples of mind-boggling conclusions that gives the reader and student stronger premises in which to draw sounder scientific foundations.

Afro-Cosmetology™ is rigorous in the sense that it delivers an in-depth detail and the whimsy of beauty’s surface; sort of fact with fun, however not short on thought-provoking statements and mind twisters.  Though Afro-Cosmetology™ is filled with tons of unknown facts, its features allow learners to focus on the scientific credence and not just the practical behind-the-chair work experience of cosmetologist.


In The Afro-Cosmetology™ series you’ll learn:


  • History
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Alchemy
  • Thermodynamics
  • Styling techniques
  • Product knowledge
  • And more.

Hurry into to the Mrkt today for introductory pricing on this first course release.

Historically, African Americans were once forbidden to practice their cultural cosmetic expression, promoted to assimilate into foreign expression; this led us to be, untaught, retaught and today re-learning to think, visualize and feel ourselves back into the once-forbidden natural, cultural affinity.

Understanding this fascinating evolution is interesting, showing both how Afro Cosmetology™ is logical and the obvious natural next step. You can gain more insight and learn how Black beauty began in 400 Years Without A Comb

Afro-Cosmetology™ is a full and extremely thought-provoking journey into the inner world of decedents of enslaved, post-Jim Crow to present-day victims of Racial and Hair Discrimination. AC defrags the memory banks, into proper context deletes corrupt files and installs a healthier and balanced self-operating system.

Finally. Information that shows Afro-textured people how to feel fully and authentically who we sub-consciously knew ourselves to be.

This is a NEW conversation And, that’s the Beauty of It,

– Cheryl Morrow


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